Why should I use WarranTchimp?

WarranTchimp is an alternative to shopping at the dealer or other high cost online brokers. WarranTchimp is a portal site that connects you directly with your provider. We do all the work in finding the best solution. It’s as simple as booking a trip or hotel online and allows you to save as much as 40% by doing the purchase directly yourself. You’ll get premium coverage and service at the guaranteed lowest price anywhere. Our portal makes a small fee for our services.

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How are my claims paid?

With an extended vehicle protection plan, you simply use the authorized repair facility of your choice (dealer, national chain, local mechanic) and your covered claims are paid quickly. Your repair facility contacts the claims administrator and covered repairs are paid directly. You pay your deductible (if any).

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Are there payment options available?

Of course, WarranTchimp recommends a finance plan that works for most. You can take as long as half of the term of your warranty to complete payment. So, with a 24 month plan, you’ll have up to 12 months to pay; a 36 month plan
allows for up to 18 months to pay.

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Can an extended vehicle protection
plan be cancelled?

In most cases, you have the right to cancel your Extended Vehicle Protection Plan at any time for a pro-rated refund on the unused portion. Please review thoroughly to understand the cancellation policy for any extended car warranty. Terms may vary by state.

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What happens if I sell my vehicle?

Extended vehicle protection plans are for the vehicle and go with the vehicle. This will help keep the value of your vehicle, if you do decide to sell it. There is a small transfer charge in most cases.

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